PharmaSuite, the application framework

The main product of Basesoft constitutes the framework PharmaSuite solution, an integrated module system for managing each and every one of the areas and sections of pharmacy services (compounding, clinical trials, oncotherapy, nutrition, outpatient, drug information center, etc.).

Our goal has been to create a common framework for pharmacy professionals that allows for the sharing of common health data and direct communication between professionals and the different modules of the framework solution using a homogeneous technology.

This functionality involves sharing between modules, on the one hand, the hospital information system (HIS) common to all services (patients, physicians, nursing units, beds, etc.), and moreover common drug information and typology (suppliers, users, etc.), in addition to the specific data management module.

In order to implement these specifications into an automated system (i.e. an application program that manages the relevant data and produces the required documents), a database has been developed with an appropriate relational environment and a manager of the database to control and monitor all transactions.

This program is included in a general framework (PharmaSuite) linking together the various applications of the areas to be implemented (artificial nutrition, I.V. and cancer therapy, drug information, outpatients, radiopharmacy, clinical trials, pharmacokinetics, etc.).

PharmaSuite, besides serving as an integrating framework for the management modules, integrates itself for useful functionality, such as viewing técnias chips and prospects of drugs through the Gazetteer of the Competent Authority, bibliographic management, management user and machine, and soon implementation of pharmacotherapeutic guidelines and other useful features.

In our "road map" for the evolution of PharmaSuite include at least and this interim order, the following management modules:

  • Pharmaceutical compounding.

  • I.V. therapy (oncotherapy, m.s., etc.).

  • Clinical trials.

  • Parenteral nutrition.

  • Outpatient dispensing (HIV, MS, ALS, etc.).

  • Drug information center.

  • Pharmacokinetics.

  • Radiopharmacy.

  • And on the horizon, dispensing and administration in unit dosage.

To discover what each one of the modules press here.

In Basesoft we are committed to the quality of our products.

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